Our Story

Teak is a perennial plant which was part of the traditional life of Northern Thais. The uniqueness of this tree is its leaf, which can be used for a variety of purposes because it has a water-resistant quality and is quite tough. In the past, the young leaves were used to wrap food or other materials to be carried and the mature dried leaves were used as roofing that would last for years…

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Teak Leaf Leather

    This sustainable, hand-made, durable, environmentally friendly, and gorgeous material is made from tree leaves. All the leaves are fallen-leaves and no trees (or animals) are harmed in the making of this material. The leaves are soaked in water, dyed, arranged flat together to dry.
    Drying the leaves bonds them and results in a large sheet of the leaf material. After that, the leaf layers mended with cotton to provide a soft interior and structure. Mr. Leaf use leaf leather to make their bags and accessories.

Our Product

Mr.Leaf has perfected his treatment of “leaf leather ” to make it long lasting and watter resistant. These leaves are sustainably harvested and help to prevent forest fires because they are collected from fallen leaves on the jungle floor….

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Motivation to Create : Leaf Leather Leather Substitute Products & Friendly to Animal & Environment

Mr.Leaf is Thai brand with motivation to change the world by our products which are Eco-Friendly, leather substitute products, made from fallen leaf and Innovation of nano rubber. Bringing nature around us be motivation to create innovation in terms of products, service and manufacturing process called “Creative Innovation” to solve environment problem.